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Welcome to Your Spiritual Zone!

Here at Your Spiritual Zone, we are Your Place for Understanding the Spiritual! While the Bible is the primary source of where the authors draw their material from, it is a means to highlighting where the dominant religion of the Western world has created a religion of fear instead of a relationship based on faith. What is this relationship with? The Divinity of the Universe, which is having an experience in the physical realm through you! We are here to help draw people out of dead religious experiences and into an understanding of how life really is. Life is a very freeing experience but until you understand that discipline is actually good for you, you will be miserable in your skin. Discovering that living your life a certain way actually makes the experience so much better comes from releasing yourself from religion; once you develop your spiritual nature, you will soon realize that they way most of society looks at life is upside down. We are here to equip and serve all those who come seeking to change their perspective! Whether you agree or not, please be civil when you come in. We hope you learn and grow and spread the knowledge! Welcome to Your Spiritual Zone… come for the learning, stay to help others learn!

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